<p class='heading'>Catherine<br />Senior Staff Scrub Nurse</p><p>I have worked here in Theatres since 2007, it is a busy but very friendly atmosphere.</p> <p class='heading'>Joleen<br />Senior Operating Department Practitioner</p><p>Since I commenced at the Homerton in 2005 the same staff have remained with me as it's a friendly place to work.</p> <p class='heading'>Tanya<br />Senior Admissions staff nurse</p><p>There is a great atmosphere at the Homerton, the staff both nursing and clinical are friendly and supportive, I would recommend working here!</p> <p class='heading'>Janeta<br />Lead for Recovery/Theatre Coordinator</p><p>All our staff are supported, trained and encouraged to develop.</p> <p class='heading'>Daniela<br />Staff Scrub Nurse</p><p>The Homerton is a lovely friendly and supportive place to work.</p> <p class='heading'>Linda<br>Lead for Orthopaedics/Theatre Coordinator</p><p>I have worked at the Homerton since 1996, I started as a Junior Scrub nurse and have been encouraged and developed through the ranks to a senior position in the department.</p> <p class='heading'>Lydia<br />Lead for Surgical Admissions/Theatre Coordinator</p><p>The Homerton encourages its staff to develop and use the qualities you possess to enable you to become a confident professional.</p> <p class='heading'>Sue<br />Senior Staff Scrub nurse</p><p>I started working at the Homerton on the agency but enjoyed the work, the environment and the camaraderie so I stayed, you should join me!</p> <p class='heading'>Nanu<br />Anaesthetic staff nurse</p><p>I have been a scrub nurse and now an anaesthetic nurse, this was made possible not only by my own hard work but by being supported and encouraged by my managers.</p> <p class='heading'>Joanna<br />Staff Scrub nurse</p><p>Theatres here offer a friendly working environment, they offer you support to develop your surgical knowledge and skills.</p> <p class='heading'>Simon<br />Lead for Anaesthetic support/Theatre Coordinator</p><p>The Homerton is a nice place to work, the atmosphere is busy but really friendly and you are supported along the way.</p>

Welcome to the Homerton - the official Olympic hospital in 2012.

Here at Homerton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, we take great pride in the friendly, supportive working environment we've created. It's an environment built with open and honest relationships, where staff are encouraged to realise their full potential. Located in the well-loved area of Hackney, we are proud to offer a friendly, diverse and multicultural working environment.

Thanks to a, number of exciting opportunities that have become available within our well organised, state of the art theatres, our family of experienced Theatre Nurses, ODP's and Theatre Practitioners is about to grow. Specialist care includes obstetrics, neonatology, fetal medicine, fertility, neuro-rehabilitation and bariatric surgery across East London and beyond.

Not only would you become an integral part of our team, everything is in place to reward great work and develop your professional skill set along the way.